Federal Business Writing Certificate Program

Program Description

Effective written communication is a core competency in most, if not all, Federal agencies and Federal job series. However, many students have not reviewed the rules, principles, and fundamentals of good writing since leaving school.  For some, that may have been many years ago.  As a result, a number of students are unsure about the principles of effective writing and/or the rules of proper grammar, punctuation, and usage. 

At HRI, we recognize the need for a focused certificate program designed to help students significantly increase their knowledge, their skills, and  their confidence.  In our Federal Business Writing Certificate Program, students will apply their knowledge and skills in a series of practical, hands-on courses taught in plain English.

Our Federal Business Writing Certificate Program will help you:

  • receive a thorough review of the rules of grammar, punctuation, and usage
  • understand who your readers are and what they want from a document
  • understand the mechanics and organization of good business writing
  • communicate clearly to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations

  • convey information in an appropriate manner and tone

  • develop into a knowledgeable, confident, and highly competent business writer

In short, our program is designed to set you apart from other members of your staff, get you noticed by your managers and supervisors, and significantly improve your chances of advancement in your Federal career.

Note: If you have previously completed any of the Human Resources Institute courses listed below, you may be able to apply them to this certificate program.

Deadline to Complete: 
After enrollment in the certificate program, you have up to three years to complete the courses in the program.

Courses to Complete
Number of Required Courses to Complete:
Number of Core Courses to Complete:
Number of Elective Courses to Complete:
Total Number of Courses to Complete:
At a Glance
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  • Enroll Online: Log into or create your account and click the "Enroll Now" button on the Certificate Program page.

    Enroll by Fax, Email or Mail: Complete the Certificate Program Application.

    Cost: There is no cost to enroll in this certificate program. You simply pay for your courses when you register for them.

    Note: If you have previously completed any of the Human Resources Institute certificate program courses, we may be able to apply them to that certificate program.