Our Mission

Since our founding in 1985, our primary mission has been to provide training courses designed to help our students (1) enhance their knowledge, skills, abilities, and competencies, (2) maximize their career potential and growth, and (3) increase their value to their agencies and organizations.  

What Sets Us Apart from Other Training Providers?

1. We focus exclusively on Federal employees and contractors

 All of our courses are designed for the Federal sector and most are taught by current or former Federal employees. As a result, our instructors are subject matter experts who know the Federal workforce and understand the issues relevant to you.

2. We consistently provide outstanding courses and instructors

Our formula for success is simple: We ensure that all of our courses and instructors are outstanding. When you register for one of our courses, you know (not hope) that your instructor will be an expert, possessing the ability to create an energetic and exciting learning environment.  You also receive relevant, practical, and job-related instruction and course material.

3. We put our customers first

Over the years, many of our students have told us how much they look forward to training with us. The reason is simple: we do everything we can to make sure that we treat you better than any other training company. You can count on receiving an outstanding course, an outstanding instructor who cares about you and your career goals, a friendly and relaxed training atmosphere, and a staff striving to ensure your entire training experience is productive, enjoyable, and worthwhile.

4. We emphasize advancement, upward mobility, and equal opportunity

We serve many in the Federal sector who need our help the most, not just the highest paid people who have already reached the top grades.