About HRI

When the Human Resources Institute was founded in 1985, we decided to do the following:

  • Train Government employees exclusively. All of our courses are designed for the Government sector.

  • Focus all of our time, effort, and money on Government training needs and concerns.
  • Keep classes small for more personal attention and hands-on training.
  • Ensure that students learn practical things that will help them reach their career goals.
  • Treat Government employees better than any other training company in the world.
  • Provide high-energy instructors who make learning fun and worthwhile for every student.
  • Serve the people in the Government sector who need our help the most, not just the highest paid people who have already reached the top grades.
  • Emphasize upward mobility, advancement, and Equal Opportunity.
  • Gain a reputation for providing outstanding value.
  • BOTTOM LINE - Make Human Resources Institute the first choice among Government employees.

Since 1985, we have trained employees from every department and agency in the Federal sector as well as state and local government employees. We have never compromised on our 10 areas, and the results have been remarkable. Many of our lower grade students kept attending our classes and were promoted to higher grades. Their success has been our success.