Administrative Management Certificate Program

Program Description

We strongly encourage students to take The Administrative Officer course prior to completing the Core Courses and Elective Courses.

Administrative management staff assist the operating manager and others in getting things done by using his or her knowledge of and skills in dealing with organizations, methods, funds, people, equipment, and other tools or resources.  Typically, administrative management staff play a role in the management of both financial and human resources, as well as several other key areas including, management analysis, procurement, and contract administration.  Our Administrative Management Certificate Program is designed to cover the most vital areas of administrative management and to develop well-rounded administrative staff able to function effectively and efficiently in a broad range of areas.

Note: If you have previously completed any of the Human Resources Institute courses listed below, you may be able to apply them to this certificate program.

Deadline to Complete:  After enrollment in the certificate program, you have up to three years to complete the courses in the program.

Courses to Complete
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    Enroll by Fax, Email or Mail: Complete the Certificate Program Application.

    Cost: There is no cost to enroll in this certificate program. You simply pay for your courses when you register for them.

    Note: If you have previously completed any of the Human Resources Institute certificate program courses, we may be able to apply them to that certificate program.