Analytical Skills

Management and Program Analysis: Data Collection and Analysis

CPEs: 14|CEUs: 1.4
Classroom, Virtual

Who Should Attend

All Federal employees and contractors are eligible to attend, including management, program, budget, and systems analysts or assistants, other staff members responsible for collecting and analyzing data, administrative staff interested in this series, and anyone else interested in transitioning into the management and program analysis series.    

Suggested Prerequisite: Students should take Management and Program Analysis (343 Series): An Introduction or be familiar with the concepts and principles covered in that course.

Course Overview

In this course, you will discover how data collection, analysis, and reporting enhance management and programmatic decision-making (including plans, audits, and agency/congressional reports). In addition, you will learn how to effectively utilize data collection tools, methodologies, and OMB requirements.

Course Objectives

  • Review a variety of data collection and analysis issues.
  • Learn how management and program analysts focus their data collection and analysis.
  • Learn the two general types of information/data important to program success: descriptive and judgmental.
  • Organize, analyze, and interpret results.
  • Learn the differences between quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis and how they are utilized in programmatic decision making.
  • Use data collection and analysis tools and checklists to assist in making program and management decisions, including:

               - behavioral observation checklists
               - knowledge tests
               - opinion surveys
               - the Delphi Technique
               - questionnaires
               - individual and group interviews
               - case studies

  • Utilize logic models for program success.
  • Learn how data collection and analysis fit into an overall Evaluation Management Plan and why evaluating your program is important.
  • Understand how to use the appropriate OMB circulars for data collection, analysis, and reporting.
  • Discover how to account for and address program history, legal and legislative factors, and professional influences.

Select a Date and Location
Aug 21 - 22, 2024
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004593
Sep 25 - 26, 2024
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004594
Nov 20 - 21, 2024
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004595
Apr 30 - May 1, 2025
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004815
Jun 25 - 26, 2025
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004816
Aug 11 - 12, 2025
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004817
Sep 15 - 16, 2025
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004818
Nov 19 - 20, 2025
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004819
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