Professional Development

Emotional Intelligence Workshop

NASBA CPEs: 7|CEUs: 0.7
Fundamentals Refresher
Classroom, Virtual

Who Should Attend

All government, civilian, and military employees and contractors are eligible to attend.

Course Overview

This course will help you to develop a greater awareness and understanding of your emotions, as well as a greater awareness and understanding of the emotions of others within your organization.  This increased awareness will help you to professionally and productively navigate the culture of your organization, while bringing more value to your team.

Course Topics

  • Define and explain the importance of emotional intelligence
  • Discover how emotional intelligence can create a pathway to advancement and credibility
  • Increase your awareness and your ability to control the expression of your emotions
  • Understand how your emotions can impact others
  • Increase your awareness of other peoples’ emotions and how their responses impact you
  • Identify 5 areas of focus for emotional intelligence
  • Explore how social awareness is integrated with emotional intelligence
  • Develop a personal plan to improve your emotional intelligence

Select a Date and Location
Jul 12, 2022
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004254
Aug 10, 2022
9am-4pm ET
Class ID: 10004255
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