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Course Name: Leading People Through Change: An Introduction
Credits: CEUs: 1.4

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Who Should Attend

All Federal employees and contractors in leadership positions and aspiring leaders who want to more effectively lead people through change.

What You Will Learn

Define change and the components of the change process.
Identify and manage the elements of change.
Develop and establish an action plan for change.
Explore how to implement effective organization and planning.
Maximize inclusion and promote team building during transition.
Create and demonstrate techniques to motivate your team.
Review tools for measuring success and outcomes.
Learn to communicate effectively during the change process.
Create motivation that lasts.
Analyze performance for continuity of your organization's operations.


Why You Should Attend

This course introduces new and aspiring leaders to their roles in the change process.  The course defines and explores the characteristics of change and how to manage people, tasks, teams, and projects effectively.  Participants will develop change initiatives and manage the elements of change through interactive exercises.  Each participant will learn to identify the needs of their team during change, as well as methods for measuring success and outcomes.   

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